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November, 2019
SaveAdoptions thanks the State Department as it withdraws proposed regulations.  

November, 2018
Read The Federalist's article on how the State Department is still waging war on adoption.  Click here.

October, 2018
Three adoption agencies sue the Department of State regarding loss of accrediation, and win an injunction! Judge rules that the agencies are likely to win the case, and that they suffered great harm. 

June, 2018
Senators Burr, Cardin, Blunt and Wicker propose the Intercountry Adoption Act of 2018 which would require more transparency from the State Department.
April 11
"Deep State Blocking Adoptions" article in
March 20
Ron Stoddart exlains the crisis on the Glenn Beck Show
March 19, 2018
The Federalist article Bucking Deregulation, State Department Chokes International Adoption
February 20, 2018
OCI declares that "soft referrals" are a violation, sparking an outcry from the entire adoption community.  
February 19, 2018
Adoption agencies declare a boycott of the OCI symposium.  
February 14, 2018
Senator Roger Wicker sends letter to Asssistant Secreatry of State Carl Risch stating that the designation of IAAME as an accrediting entity violated the law.  Read the letter here.

November 14, 2017.
The Senate's Helsinki Commission met in Washington DC for a panel discussion on "How to reverse the decline of intercountry adoption."  Attorney Ron Stoddart explained that the decline in intercountry adoption is due a lack of trust and cooperation between the adoption community and the Office of Children's Issues (OCI, a branch of the Department of State).  John Carver, a father of six adopted children, explained how adoption prevents trafficking, and changes lives.  He shared how his daughter Juliana touched millions of lives before she died from cancer.  Suzanne Lawrence, Advisor to the Secretary on Children's Issues, asserted that the decline of intercountry adoption is the fault of pervasive corruption among adoption agencies, and failure of adoptive parents to turn in post adoption reports.  Kathleen Strottman, former executive director of the Congressional Coalition of Adoption Institute, shared the history of intercountry adoption policy changes in the last few years. Click here to read the transcript.
September 29, 2017 – Six members of the Save Adoptions Coordinating Committee traveled to Washington, DC to meet with Suzanne Lawrence, the new Special Advisor to the Secretary for Children’s Issues, who added Ted Coley and Trish Maskew to the meeting.  It was a contentious meeting and, unfortunately, there was no willingness on the part of the Office of Children’s Issues to constructively address the concerns of the adoption community
September 27, 2017
The Save Adoptions Committee meets with Assistant Secretary of State Carl Risch, and delivers a letter signed by over 80 adoption agencies, attorneys, and advocacy groups, requesting a change in the direction of the Office of Children’s Issues. 
April 4, 2017
The State Department temporarily suspends the September 2016 regulations, which would have severely limited adoptions.  This temporary suspension was the result of three factors:
  1. President Trump's policy that all new regulations be halted
  2. A complaint with the Small Business Administration that the regulations had a major fiscal impact
  3. Outcry from the adoption community, sparked by Save Adoptions
November, 2016
The Save Adoptions Committee delivers the letter signed by 86 agencies to Assistant Secretary of State, Michelle Bond. 
September 24, 2016
The Save Adoptions website goes live with a letter signed by 86 (nearly half) of the Hague Accredited adoption agencies, asking for the regulations to be rescinded.  The website gets 28,000 signatures.
September, 2016
The Department of State proposed new regulations for intercountry adoption which would have:
  1. Required agencies to have insurance abroad which is not available
  2. Required adoptive families to undergo the equivalent of state foster care training, which states would not have provided
  3. Reduced the number of agencies working in countries, through "Country Specific Authorization."